ZangZing - share your albums with your groups of friends

ZangZing – share your albums with your groups of friends

We have enough online options to generate our albums, but the range widens with the appearance of ZangZing, a new and interesting proposal for share our best photos with our groups of friends and even with other users. It is a tool that is characterized by its ease of use and its simplicity when creating albums, in which it allows us to upload our images from our local systems and even through other online image hosting platforms such as Instagram or Flickr. The best comes at the end of creating any album, where it allows us to have access from totally public until its access is restricted to a series of users. In the same way, it allows us to define who can contribute by uploading images to said albums that we have created, and even offers us an email address for each album. At the moment it does not allow anything else, since we have an option to buy but currently the function to which it belongs is under development. We must also take into account its recent launch, with which we will have to forgive the small errors that we find along the way.