Zankyou - Creating custom websites for our wedding

Zankyou – Creating custom websites for our wedding

Zankyou is an interesting project by Zankyou Ventures SL that allows any user to create a website for a wedding. In it we will be able to introduce the different acts that take place in it, as well as invite the different attendees thanks to its internationalization. In addition to invitations from attendees and preparing events, it also allows us to give away objects, for this, once the list is made, an amount will be sent to our bank account and the package or box with said gifts will automatically be sent.


To use Zankyou we have to go through a previous registration, in which we will have to insert our personal data as well as our telephone number (optional) in case we want you to congratulate us from the device.Once connected to our account, we can start To prepare guest lists, wedding lists, suggest hotels to our guests or even print a Hoffman album, the latter carries a small discount of 10 on the first album. It is worth highlighting a characteristic of Zankyou and that is that through the form For assistance, we will be able to know which people will actually attend, for this we can select two types of forms: the open one (which allows the attendee to press a button to say whether or not they will go) and the sending of an email with a private link. .


This is a very interesting section since it allows us to customize the appearance of our wedding website to our liking. We can choose between the design of the same from a wide range, the menu with which the guests will access the different places of the site, the level of privacy or even reserve / use a top-level domain for its creation.

The Zankyou Club

The creators of Zankyou have made a shopping club available to users where various offers / discounts are published to buy gifts, we can highlight some offers from popular companies: El corte engls, Barcel viajes (to prepare the honeymoon, for example), Wonderbox, among many other categorized offers. This does not change the process of the Zankyou wedding list at all: you will receive 100% of the gifts in your bank account. Then you do what you want with it.

Your opinion

In WWWhatsnew we know that your opinion counts a lot, so if you have tried Zankyou we would like you to tell us about your experiences of accessibility and use of this portal, as well as the pros and cons that you have been finding throughout the experience of navigation.