zeetings, a fantastic new way to make online presentations

System to make presentations on the web, there are many, but that does not stop them from continuing to create, innovating in search of becoming the new PowerPoint Online.

Now we are introduced to, a solution that allows us to send our presentations to the Internet and show them to the world in a single url, something that is not at all innovative. What changes are some details that transform the platform into a really interesting solution:

– When the presenter changes transparency, visitors see the change at the same time, regardless of the device they are using. – It is possible to conduct surveys in a zeeting, and when the participants respond, the changes will be seen in real time. questions and let the audience answer them or post comments about specific content. – At any time it is possible to see who is connected to our presentation, and we can send private messages to any of them. – At the end of the presentation we will see statistics related to the time, the approval, the visitors … something similar to what you see in the following screenshot:

When registering (it is free) we can reserve our user url (, for example), and from there it will be possible to access our presentations, without installing anything. We can follow other users and be followed, as well as start creating our presentations using the panel you see below:

As you can see, they bet on interaction, and they do it with a quick, simple and effective solution.