ZipMyURL, alternative to create shortened web addresses

ZipMyURL, alternative to create shortened web addresses

Many times, when we surf the net, we tend to find new websites to access every day, but it turns out that almost always there are websites that usually have a subdomain or that the domain is too long to be remembered.

That’s where web address shorteners come in, which we have been talking about several times on WWwhatsnew. ZipMyURL It is another alternative to shorten the web addresses of the sites we visit regularly.

Among its features, we find the possibility of adding labels to the web address, adding a password so that no one can enter without our permission and finally, the customization of the web address that will basically be

On the other hand, we find the free registration option, which allows us to receive visits from the main social networks, this function is carried out by the service team, which will basically publish the new addresses on networks such as, Twitter or Facebook.

If you want to use the service’s API, you simply have to access the page that offers the service, download its application for your website or create your own custom application, in short, another alternative to web address shorteners.

Update 12/2010: The site has closed.