zoom for home

Zoom introduces device for video conferencing at home

A few days ago we talked about the hardware solution that Zoom had launched so that companies can carry out their videoconferences in a stable, secure and efficient way. Today we go to the home environment.

As one of the big winners from the global pandemic, they have quadrupled their value this year, and are leveraging growth to stand out from the competition with software and hardware under a new brand: Zoom for Home.

This solution is directly aimed at bringing professional tools to the domestic work environment. Preloads all Zoom software on a tablet-like device, allowing users to easily start or schedule meetings, make phone calls, and collaborate between projects, including sharing and annotating content. It also integrates with each user’s calendar, status, contacts and meetings settings.

We can log into a Zoom for Home compatible device with our usual login and password. The new offering will work with all Zoom Meeting licenses, from basic (free) to business.

At the moment they only have one official compatible device, the DTEN ME, with a 27-inch touch screen, three high-resolution wide-angle cameras and an 8-microphone matrix touch screen, and it ships with the DTEN operating system.

DTEN ME is available to pre-order now for $ 599 at dten.com/me, and is expected to begin shipping in August. It does not require any special licenses (free or paid), it can be integrated with the user’s phone plan and anyone can buy a device and configure it easily, so it seems to be focused on who will have to start working from home from now on.