zooniverse presents project for anyone to help identify effects of climate change

We have told you about zooniverse on many occasions, practically whenever they launch a new project in which they seek the collaboration of Internet users to identify stars, fish, problems with vegetation, geographical accidents … everything it presents is related to data that computers They still cannot process automatically, data included in millions of photographs that must be analyzed manually, which is why they ask for help from the community on the web.

Now they present one related to climate change: Following the same method they are used to (they will show photos and ask questions about them). In this case they are pairs of photos of the same place in different few, being necessary to specify if there are more leaves on the trees, more snow on the ground, if the color of the vegetation has changed, the number of plants … It is much easier than in previous cases, so the necessary training is much less.

As always, participation is anonymous, although the questions remain untranslated, so it is necessary to know some English to know what they are asking and to be able to mark the appropriate answer.

There is another option in which we have to identify if there is a discontinuity in the horizon within a sequence of images represented as lines, something simpler still, since we only have to indicate if the horizon is straight or not.

If you have a few free minutes and want to collaborate by identifying a few pairs of photos, you will already be doing a great job, since they bet on the brief collaboration of many people, not on the enormous dedication of few volunteers.